What Rowing Means to Me - Chantal Avery


The summer before my junior year of high school our family moved to a suburb of Chicago, IL. After unsuccessfully trying out for the basketball team, the rowing coach found me crying in the hallway and convinced me to give the sport of rowing a try. I had seen the sport in the Olympics but never imagined that it was something I could participate in, let alone in high school. After learning the history of the sport and the technique I was hooked! Rowing has been a love of mine ever since my first day on the water. 

After several couple successful practices without flipping the boat and a few regattas, the conversation of college came up. Once we learned that several schools offered scholarships for women’s rowing, I went to every rowing camp that my summer could fit. The hard work paid off. Despite having rowed for a short amount of time,  I was offered rowing scholarships for several different schools. 

I choose to row at Southern Methodist University in Dallas and it was such a great experience. Having the foundation and structure of a rowing program while in college allowed me to row and focus on academics and succeed at both. . Rowing is a sport that I have carried on with me beyond graduation and truly enjoy following. 

Rowing is a sport that teaches you individual discipline and hard work. You trust and are truly relying on your teammate for the same amount of effort that you put in. You’re working together for the common goal- to move the boat smoothly and efficiently.  On the water, everything that may divide you or differences you may have do not matter. The bond that you find as a team is unbreakable and you row towards the team's success. 

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