How Rowing Shaped Me - Karen Man


Rowing really embodies the ultimate team sport and racing together creates monumental friendships. The boat relies on every member, functioning as one unit with many limbs, requiring coordination of mind and body. It taught me discipline, perseverance, built stamina, and kept me emotionally pliable. When we tired, we had a team of support to keep each other going. Had it not been for rowing, I may not have been able to weather the test that was my 20s. Even when not on the water, the erg (rowing machine) gives immediate feedback. Sometimes, that split (how fast I was or was not going) did not reflect how much effort I put into each movement, but there would be no choice but to finish or face the defeat of giving up before I should have. My body would teach my mind to be stronger. 
There are not words that can truly express what rowing means to me and how it has shaped my life. What I do know is that I would not be who I am today without it. 

Karen Man is a Houston Restauranteur and former rower at the University of Texas.

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