From our 2017 Learn to Row day

From our 2017 Learn to Row day

Fun and effective.

More than just rowing machines, our workouts give a whole-body workout in about 40 minutes. Plyometrics, team relays, and erg workouts are just some of our training techniques. Our workouts are low impact (or modifiable) to allow you to meet your training goals. Our guided indoor training sessions are a great way to get in shape and build a new community.

Please note: We use rowing machines outside. We do not offer air conditioning for Indoor Rowing. We offer shade, fans, laughter, and a lot of fun.

Erg with us

Our rowing training is for those who are 21+ and not in our Competitive Adult Rowing program. We at BBRC want you to get in shape safely, so we teach you the form for the rowing machine and for other exercises used in our training. Our Indoor Rowing is offered 3 days per week. Training sessions are scheduled with a workout group and your coach, typically before or after work hours.


I am ready to get on a Rowing Machine!

Reach out to us at for more information. We are looking for a small group of regular indoor rowers to set our indoor rowing schedule.