Why choose Rowing?

In rowing, there are no “stars” and all seats have equal value and purpose. One amazing oarsman cannot carry the boat to victory; the entire boat must work together to succeed. Each athlete in the boat must work in perfect harmony with the others to achieve the boat’s goal. From leadership to teamwork, to personal perseverance, to learning how to communicate with others, each participant has many growth opportunities through rowing. Looking for college opportunities? Look no further than rowing. Rowing gives you the best chance at a sport-related scholarship.

Is rowing on the bayou safe?
Though we are surrounded by water, rowing is an inherently safe sport. To ensure safety of our athletes, everyone that enters a boat must pass a swim test or wear a BBRC-provided, low-profile auto-inflating life vest. We have partners who will teach our participants to swim if they are unable to pass the swimming test.

Further ensuring safety is our amazing coaching staff. Each coach has successfully completed the Texas Boater Safety course, is certified in First Aid/CPR/AED use, is SafeSport certified, background checked, and many are USRowing Certified coaches.  In addition to those safety measures, each coach’s launch has a basic first aid kit, life jackets, and other items available to maximize our athlete’s safety.

Do I need to know how to swim?
No, but you will have to pass a swim test. Don’t worry, it isn’t done in Buffalo Bayou.  Those unable to pass the swim test will wear a low-profile life vest.  We will put you in contact with partners to teach swimming outside of practice hours. BBRC strongly encourages all participants to learn to swim. Those unable to pass the swim test will not be permitted to race.

What ages do you train?
We start at 14, but have accepted participants as young as 12 if they are physically and mentally mature. All participants must be large enough to use the equipment safely. Generally speaking, this is about 5’3 and weighing over 100 lbs. Coxswains are not subject to this height/weight requirement.

Do I need to know how to row?
No!  Our coaches will teach you the skills you need to succeed!

What commitment is required for BBRC? Youth Rowers are expected to commit to a 3-4 day per week training program, typically including one weekend day. Our Application Packet has more information on attendance policies.

Adult rowers are expected to commit 2-3 days per week on a regular schedule set by your coach.

We do offer free days for you to try out the sport and a comprehensive on-boarding process in case you are not yet sure rowing is for you.

I have another question that was not answered!

Feel free to reach out! E-mail us at info@RowTheBayou.org We are here to help!